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Neuromarketing Research on the new Evian Ad, by Neurorelay

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Neuromarketing Research on the new Evian Ad

“The Evian video that was released in May had a global success and the number of views is still growing. In the ad, many people walk along a shopping window and they see themselves reflected as babies, having the same distinguishing looks, underlying the tagline ‘Drink pure and natural. Evian, live young.’. Here’s the video:

The scientists from Neurensics decided to test the ad in a neuromarketing study, so they wondered whether the popularity of the viral could be found in the brain and what effect it has on the brand value and purchase intention. The latter by comparing the results with Effies, that in previous studies have shown to have their own ‘neural signature’ predicting effectiveness up to 80% (more info here).

Attention and surprise, but no reward
The investigation showed that the viral scores above average on attention and surprise – two brain dimensions that determine the impact – which explains the global interest in the movie. It is also interesting to see that the brain pattern of the viral has a resemblance with Effies, although the expected reward (Expectation) is considerably below average; a missed opportunity in boosting sales. This omission is due to the lack of relevance. The ‘live young’ pay off, according to the scientists, should be more consistent with what we see. The link between babies, ‘stay young’ and Evian is not automatically created in the brain.

Evian spinnenweb Neuromarketing Research on the new Evian Ad

Moderate brand experience can easily be improved
Given the low Involvement and high Annoyance (Anger), the impact on the brand is moderate. The complicated relationship and the lack of involvement of the product (water) in the activities of the actors, makes it difficult for the viewer to link the appreciation that is evoked by the movie (Value and Desire) to the brand. The scientists from Neurensics suggest that the commercial would be much better when a few of the actors have a bottle of water in their hand, or even take a sip of the water.”

evian Neuromarketing Research on the new Evian Ad

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