sep 14

Neuromarketing de los precios-gancho

Escrito por // Enrique Clarós


Cómo se activa nuestra mente frente a distintos tipos de precio-gancho y la diferenciación de percepciones a que dan lugar. Entender los mecanismos es importante para definir las estrategias de marketing. Este artículo de Roger Dooley nos muestra una aproximación al tema.

Anchor Pricing Strategies

Here’s a scenario… You decide to venture into a cell phone store despite your reluctance to deal with a bewildering number of phones, options, plans, along with a confusing price structure. As usual, you find you’ll have to wait a bit for a salesperson. The greeter hands you a card with a big “97″ printed on it, and says, “It should only be a few minutes. We’ll call your number, 97, when a salesperson can help you.” You notice that a large digital display on the wall is showing “94.” You see it click to 95, then 96, and finally 97. The receptionist says, “Number 97, please,” and a salesperson appears to assist you. You thought nothing of the numeric ordering of customers, but it’s possible that the store had an ulterior motive: they could have been attempting to manipulate the price you would pay. Sound bizarre? Read on…   Saber más

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