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sep 12

Psicología de la persuasión

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Las técnicas de persuasión tienden a reducir la incertidumbre y estimulan el proceso que conduce del inmovilismo a la acción, a la toma de decisiones. Robert Cialdini (Universidad Estatal de Arizona) explica algunas de las claves, útiles en tiempos de crisis. Publicado en W.P. Carey.

Take the Leap: Overcoming Uncertainty with the Principles of Persuasion

The news about the economy is bad, and keeps getting worse.

The U.S. Labor Department says employers slashed 63,000 jobs in February — the worst losses in five years. The dollar has hit an all-time low against the Japanese Yen and is nearing an all-time low against the Euro, too. Gas prices have soared to $3.20 a gallon, the mortgage and credit crises are deepening, and even with inflation now a legitimate concern, the Fed seems poised to cut interest rates yet again in hopes of propping up an economy that many believe is entering a recession.

“I think there is a clear sense of uncertainty prevailing these days,” observes Robert Cialdini, a professor of marketing and psychology at Arizona State University. “It’s 50-50 right now as to whether we’re going to end up in a recession or not. Some say we will, some say we won’t. And for those who do think there will be one, there’s uncertainty as to how long it will last — whether it will be shallow or deep.”

In other words, Cialdini says, it’s an ugly, confusing situation. As a result, more and more people find themselves utterly puzzled as to how to react. Should they keep investing in stocks? Do they dare take out equity in their homes? Is it really a good time to launch their own business?

Many of those asking these questions are likely to answer, “No,” simply because they will find themselves frozen by uncertainty. That’s not good news for an economy struggling to regain its footing — not to mention executives and business owners who need customers to keep spending if they are to survive.

“The thing about uncertainty is that it can cause people to freeze,” Cialdini says. “It will cause them to do nothing.”

The only way to get these folks moving? Persuasion, Cialdini says.  SABER MÁS

Fuente: W.P. Carey School of Business. Arizona State University


jun 20

Influencia del diseño en el comportamiento

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Diseño y Comportamiento

Influencia, persuasión, vinculación social, empatía, “ensoulment”, son los conceptos que integran las nuevas aproximaciones del diseño centrado en el usuario. Influir en nuestro comportamiento es lo que persigue este enfoque creativo.

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jun 13

Decisión de compra y comunicación

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Cómo la comunicación in-store influye en la decisión de compra

Un estudio realizado por Miller Zell nos muestra la influencia de los medios digitales en la compra planificada y qué tipo de mensajes son más adecuados a los distintos segmentos. El 60% de las decisiones de marca se siguen realizando después de entrar en las tiendas.

Fuente: Miller Zell