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abr 19

Casos de éxito de la industria del retail a nivel mundial


Un supermercado de alimentación de alto standing que combina el arte moderno ruso con el tradicional, una tienda con maniquíes voladores en Shangai, el mejor estilo underground para una tienda de moda joven con acceso directo desde el metro de Munich, un buen ejemplo de integración de la tecnología digital en tienda para deportistas en Londres, un apromotora virtual para planchas en Rusia y una tienda de mochilas 3D en Sydney.

Os dejo el link a este curioso reportaje.

sep 10

Cómo el diseño influye en el comportamiento

Escrito por // Enrique Clarós


Influencia, persuasión, vinculación social, empatía, “ensoulment”, son los conceptos que integran las nuevas aproximaciones del diseño centrado en el usuario. Influir en nuestro comportamiento es lo que persigue este enfoque creativo.

Robert Fabricant, nos ofrece en este informe su enfoque e implicaciones

Design With Intent

How designers can influence behavior

Over the past several months, I’ve been fortunate to meet and talk to a number of people — among them Jan Chipchase of Nokia, Peter Whybrow of UCLA, and Caroline Hummels of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands — about the role of the designer in behavior change. Our conversations echoed the pent-up ambitions I’ve often heard from the young designers I teach and work with. They also reinforced my belief that we’re experiencing a sea change in the way designers engage with the world. Instead of aspiring to influence user behavior from a distance, we increasingly want the products we design to have more immediate impact through direct social engagement. Institutions that drive the global social innovation agenda, such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have shown an interest in this new approach, but many designers hesitate to pursue it. Committing to direct behavior design would mean stepping outside the traditional frame of user-centered design (UCD), which provides the basis of most professional design today. Saber más

Fuente: Design Mind

sep 08

Diseño, tendencias, consumo y recesión

Escrito por // Enrique Clarós


David Carlson recoge 5 tendencias que cambiarán nuestro futuro: Cooltural, Racionacimiento, Sensducción, Responsibiz, Rompiendo fronteras.

Además nos propone varias reflexiones sobre los efectos de la recesión económica en el diseño, las tendencias y el consumo.

A continuación su trabajo:

5 Key Design Trends

Design is a strong and important process that has a strong influence on society and it can in many ways affect our well being. Design is as well outstanding as a competitive ’weapon’ when it comes to visualising a business strategy. Design is like a bridge between a company and a consumer which can build a trustworthy and reliable friendship (important in a time when advertising has turned into a questionable effort to build brand recognition). Even if design is often about bringing function to our everyday life, it’s also about creating desire. Design can for sure also make savvy costumers pay a premium for an artefact or ingredient.

On the other hand, we live in a world crowded by bad design. Of course, within certain limits, everyone is free to produce and sell whatever they like, and boy, they certainly do. Bad design can be seen in everything from graphic artwork to consumer electronics to bad services and urban architecture. The list is never ending… Bad design pollutes our lives, both when it’s around us and after it is thrown away.

How did this happen? How may it be avoided in the future? We will leave the surface to instead go in depth and relate a number of design trends to social, economical and ecological patterns and phenomena’s over the entire global – local scale. Because we are firm believers that a design trend is worthless unless put in a social macro perspective. Which effects does design have on our lives, on our future society and cultural movements? How may better and more culturally connected design be created?

A bit further on Pandora’s box will be opened and five key design trends, that we believe in one way or another will affect our future, will be presented.
But first we intend to talk about why design is so important and how companies ought to work with design issues.

So if you want a preview of the future, continue reading and learn about our vision of a, hopefully, bright tomorrow where design plays an important part. Leer más

Fuente: David Report, versión PDF