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sep 11

Luces y sombras sobre la cultura del consumo

Escrito por // Enrique Clarós


Reflexiones multidisciplinares sobre el rol del consumo en nuestra vida y su necesidad real. Un interesante trabajo de Hugh Graham.

The End of consumer culture?

Should designers work toward the end of aspirational consumer culture? Can the design industry, broadly defined, reposition and reinvent itself to provide value and sustainability while still creating desire?

When I was at Northwestern, I took some classes from a Professor of Philosophy, David Michael Levin, who once asked us whether having a choice was important in our lives. Specifically, he was asking about the difference between choice and the appearance of choice. For instance, he asked, is it important to be able to choose between Crest and Colgate?

I think of Professor Levin from time to time, and often when I’m walking down the personal care aisle of the supermarket. Looking at all the variations of toothpaste and related products (Whitestrips, anyone?), I wonder whether it’s possible that our society in general may have gone just a bit too far, and that the designers and product managers and marketers are spending too much of their creative resources on selling products with limited value and without any real differentiation.

I’m not arguing that there isn’t valuable product innovation going on, but I tend to doubt the big change involves one of the 50 swirly paste/gel combos on every American supermarket aisle. Think of the improved efficiencies we’ll see just as soon as all the rest of you realize that Tom’s of Maine Peppermint is plenty good enough for everyone. SABER MÁS

Fuente: Hugh Graham Creative


sep 05

El shopping como estilo de vida

Escrito por // Enrique Clarós


La cultura del consumo, tendencias e implicaciones. Un interesante trabajo de David Carlson, uno de nuestros referentes, publicado en David Report. Aunque es de 2008 conserva plena vigencia.

I shop therefore I am

In the I shop therefore I am trend report we are looking into the world of consumer culture from different point of views; ethical, social, political, economical and humanistical.

Shopping has turned into a lifestyle. We consume as leisure and a way to pass time. But at the same time many are realizing that the power of consumption is stopping us from finding true and sincere happiness; and that shopping often works as a substitute for something that we’re missing in life. At what point does the accumulation of material goods become less fulfilling and more stressful and overwhelming? It is all about WHAT we buy and WHAT we choose to invest in, the world we live in will be the result of those choices.

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Fuente: David Report